Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Practical study of water pollutant removal with polysulfone micro-capsules    M.Sc.    Falahati Sadeghi, Mohammad Ali    2018-10-03
2    Investigation of the effect of ion modified water (Smart Water) EOR in an Iranian carbonate oil reservoirs    M.Sc.    jalali, payam    2018-06-11
3    Experimental investigation and kinetic study of water pollutants degredation applying nanophotocatalyst particles    Ph.D    Feilizadeh, Mansoor    2018-02-19
4    Experimental investigation of fructose crystallization from corn syrup by supercritical antisolvent process    Ph.D    Shirafkan, Azadeh    2018-02-18
5    Simulation and Evaluation of Mixing in a Fed-Batch Gas Anti-Solvent Crystallization Process Using CFD    M.Sc.    jajarmi, negar    2017-10-16
6    Modeling of essence extraction from clove plant with supercritical carbon dioxide    M.Sc.    robati, navid    2017-10-16
7    Modelling and Evaluation of the Impact of Agglomeration Kinetic in a semi-Batch GAS Crystalization Process    M.Sc.    Khalili gorji mahalleh, Mohammad    2017-10-09
8    Simulation of Mechanical Vapor Recompression Crystallization (MVRC) Process for Purification of Wastewater of Crude Oil Desalting Unit Using Aspen Plus    M.Sc.    dahmardeh, hamed    2017-05-31
9    modeling and simulation of dimethyl ether in microchannel reacors    M.Sc.    sanjari fard, abolfazl    2016-07-31
10    Experimental Study of using the Organic Rankine cycle or Trilateral Flash Cycle to convert heat energy into electricity at low temperature    M.Sc.    sohi, abolfazl    2016-05-16
11    synthesis of polysulfone and its use in encapsulation of adsorbent materials for the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solution    M.Sc.    Garmroodi asil, Ghazaleh    2016-05-16
12    Supercritical Fluid Extraction of essential oil from Thymus Daenensis and use as cosolvent Ethanol    M.Sc.    sharifinejad, saeid    2016-02-22
13    Effect of Natural Surfactants and Nanoparticles on the Process of Methane Hydrate Formation    M.Sc.    Sayahi, Tofigh    2015-12-07
14    development of transition metals for photocatalitic hydrogen evolution    Ph.D    mahzoon, saeed    2015-01-29
15    simulation investigation of effecting operational parametrers on ferric chloride production at pilot scale    M.Sc.    ardakani fard, nazanin    2015-01-13
16    Evaluation of corrosion of electroplate coating by the use of Alkyd resins    M.Sc.    Mianabadi, Abolfazl    2014-12-29
17    Simulation and heat transfer investigations of a heat pipe with water-based nanofluids using Computational Fluid Dynamics    M.Sc.    ZAHERI, HAMID    2014-12-08
18    Modeling and simulation of supercritical antisolvent crystallization in semibatch process    M.Sc.    Khosh Baian, Iman    2014-11-06
19    Kinetic Modelling of a Supercritical Antisolvent Crystallization Process for the Purpose of Drug Precipitation    M.Sc.    Akbari, Mohammad    2014-09-15
20    Optimization of a liquid antisolvent crystallization process using new algorithms    M.Sc.    daliri, mahmood    2014-09-15
21    Powder Production of Azadiractine from chereesh plant by new extration methods using supercritical CO2 and subctritical water    Ph.D    kazemi, homa    2014-06-02
22    Modeling and Simulation of phenol removal from wastewater by bioreactor from type of membraner contactor    M.Sc.    Salimi, Mohsen    2014-05-12
23    Simulation Investigation of Effecting Operational Parameters on Hydrochloric Acid Production by Mannheim Method at Pilot Scale    M.Sc.    Marzi, Samira    2014-05-05
24    CFD Simulation of heat transfer of a Supercritical flow in a pipe    M.Sc.    lavasani, mitra    2014-04-14
25    Removal of blood pressure drug from wastewater with extraction method using membrane contactor    M.Sc.    Hosseini, Hoda    2014-04-14
26    The effect of various parameters on the performance of a platform bed and kinetics by dynamic simulation of catalytic reforming process of natural gas    M.Sc.    akhlaghi toroghi, farzaneh    2014-03-10
27    A case study on the application of heat pipe technology at various sections of Shahid Hasheminezhad gas refinery    M.Sc.    mirshekar, mojtaba    2014-01-20
28    Simulation and experimental investigation of the performance of a heat pipe solar collector filled with nano fluid and optimizing the concentration of nano particles for increased efficiency    M.Sc.    rostami pour, mohsen    2013-12-30
29    Removal of hexavallent chromium from industrial sewage with combined procedure of adsorption and the use of nano oxide powders    M.Sc.    akbari, maryam    2013-10-14
30    Modeling and optimization of thermosyphon heat pipes with artificial intelligence system used for cooling a photovoltic panel    M.Sc.    Sadrzadeh Khorasani, Mohammad Javad    2013-09-14
31    Laboratory synthesis of polysulfone with condensation polymerization method    M.Sc.    Dehghani, Roohollah    2013-05-29
32    Synthesis and anti-solvent crystallization of mefnamic acid at bench scale and an investigation on the effects of various operational conditions on final crystal characterisitics    M.Sc.    hariri diba, farzaneh    2013-05-29
33    Hydrodynamic simulation of gas-solid Litium-Titanate bed, using MFIX    M.Sc.    rezaeian, laleh    2013-04-15
34    numerical simulation of subcooled nucleate boiling in a vertical tube    M.Sc.    Ramzani, Yasin    2013-03-11
35    Effect of Breakage and agglomeration Phenomena on Modeling and Solving Population Balance Equation Used for The Prediction of Crystal Size Distribution in a Semi_batch Anti_Solvent Crystallization Process    M.Sc.    Abrisham Chi, Iman    2013-03-05
36    Simulation of Solar Collector Oerformance Using Neural Network and Imperialist    M.Sc.    rasaei, ehsan    2013-03-05
37    Experimental Investigation and Modeling of the Semi-batch Supercritical Antisolvent Crystallization Process for the Production of Pharmacuetical Particles    Ph.D    Jafari, Dariush    2013-01-23
38    The investigation of particle production from mixtures containing supercritical fluids using organic solvents    M.Sc.    Yarnezhad Sahlabadi, Iman    2013-01-07
39    Application mesoporous silica modified with amino for elimination heavy metals in industrial wastes    M.Sc.    Ghorbani, Masumeh    2013-01-07
40    Using thermosyphon heat pipes as heat sink for cooling photovoltaic panels    M.Sc.    moradgholi, meysam    2012-10-06
41    Fabrication of Absorbing Tubes with Selective Nanolayer Coatings of High Effeciency for Solar Collectors and Their Application    M.Sc.    elyasi, reza    2012-09-20
42    modeling and simulation of fixed-bed regenerator    M.Sc.    bourbour ajdari, hamidreza    2012-06-20
43    Effect of ferric sulfate and commercial aluminum sulphate in industrial wastewater treatment for the removal of environmental parameters    M.Sc.    shirafkan, azadeh    2012-05-21
44    An experimental investigation on thermal performance of heat pipe using nanofluids for evacuated tubular solar collectors    M.Sc.    baharyeh, mohammad    2012-04-09
45    Modeling of adsorption treatment in heat stable salts by ion exchange resin    M.Sc.    Honarmand, Mohammad    2011-02-28
46    Modelling and Simulation of a Cyclone for Sand Removal from Natural Gas    M.Sc.    babapoor gol afshani, amir    2011-01-24
47    prepration of Ag@CNT stable nanofluid suspension and determanation of its thermal characteristics by thermosyphon    M.Sc.    Tabatabaei Ghomshe, Mahdi    2010-12-20
48    experimental investigation of using a desiccant in humidity ...    M.Sc.    khayyami, shideh    2010-10-11
49    Investigation of operating conditions and nanofluid on HPHE in air conditioning systems    M.Sc.    moniri manesh, negin    2010-10-11
50    the study of electrical field effect on nanofluid heat transfer in thermosyphon    M.Sc.    mohammadpur, fatemeh    2009-04-20
51    numerical simulation of nanofluid laminar flow behavoir in non-circular ducts    M.Sc.    saeedi, effat    0000-00-00